Service for /localuser

I’d like to set duplicati as a service, only for my single user so that it launches at boot even I’m not logged in.
I used .\Duplicati.WindowsService.exe install /localuser --webservice-interface=loopback in an admin powershell but it seems to register as Local System, the same way it does without /localuser.
There is no error in the terminal.
Please what do I miss(understand)?
Thank you

Perhaps it wants your username as a value for the /localuser option?
If this doesn’t get you there, you could use the Services app to edit it:


Thanks for the tip. But what would be the syntax? /me ? /localuser:me ?

This is all Microsoft’s command line parsing AFAIK. I would guess colon, but I can’t cite an authority.

Oh thank you, I didn’t even thought there may have had a standard here behind. I just gave the last example as a remember of net use /persistent:yes or better, runas /user:me.
I’ll give a try and post back. If I succeed, maybe it would be worth update the wiki.
Good night man… and thanks to the team for this great tool.

I was looking at the source and I don’t think the /localuser option is parsed properly. Instead of being handled as documented, it is just passed on as a command line parameter for the service itself:


Yes ! Because instead it would ask for the user’s Windows password isn’t it ?

That’s true, it would need to prompt for a password. I’d ignore that /locauser option entirely and manually change the user after you install the service.

Finally I got it working as per default duplicati.WindowsService install --webservice-interface=loopback, then I used --homedir full-path-to-my-admin-user-gpg-homedir in both gpg-encryption-switches and gpg-decryption-switches