Server/client api

Hello, first time post. In reading some back posts, it seems possible to install Duplicati on a central server and have it reach out to the api on ‘client’ nodes. I didn’t see much in the manual about this. Does anyone have any info/experience they could offer for a setup like this? The server and client would exist subnet.

Hello and welcome.

Not sure where you read this in past posts, but Duplicati isn’t set up for central management. Each install operates independently.

You CAN do centralized reporting with some 3rd party products but that’s about it.

Duplicati is not really set up to do full remote management, but I’m not sure what you’re looking for either.

is a third-party tool (with unknown maintenance status) that could in theory be installed centrally to talk to Duplicati on remote systems, but you could also just do that with a web browser if you have connectivity.

Above-mentioned client talks to the Duplicati Server using the same API that Web GUI’s JavaScript uses, however it’s not a supported or documented API. It was reverse-engineered and so possibly may change.