Server and port with microsoft one drive v2 api?


looking at Storage Providers - Duplicati 2 User's Manual i noticed onedrive api will stop working on november 1 2018 and that i need to switch to v2 api.

I used the oauth link listed with in the section for onedrive v2 but i can not figure out what i need to put in server and port. Only supplying username and password did not seem to work. So my question is what do i need to enter as server and port for Microsoft onedrive v2 api to work ?

Also can i safely switch from Microsoft onedrive to Microsoft onedrive v2 without duplicati having to do a complete upload again ?

i’m using Duplicati -


it seems you do not need to enter anything in that location. What i did was added the extra --authid advanced option and place the token there that i had gotten from the website. It was confusing at first but the test connection worked now

I basically changed target only of my configuration, did a test connection and it worked. Now i’m letting it do a backup but it does not seem to show progress in the progressbar like it used to in the previous version i was using.

I’m hoping it’s not doing a full backup but will check in a few hours again to see what it did. I can see new files being generated on onedrive although not quite sure as to why since i did a backup only yesterday and not much should have changed since then

edit: about the progress bar problem, in Duplicati - it seems it just displaying it wrong because of added line breaks not sure why its doing that but i copy pastes / drag mouse i can copy the full text