Send mail level vs from

I changed my send-mail-level command to:


in my text configuration (from “Fatal, Warning, Error”, if I recall), and when I view the settings in “list” form it says:

 Send-mail-from [all]

It seems to have misread the parameter, which I thought was a bug that had been fixed awhile back.

Then “send-mail-level” now contains my email address in the list view. I tried removing the “send mail level” line from the text config and now in settings another parameter is off:

Send-mail-to is “%RESULT%”

When I went back and added “send-mail-level: all” in the list (GUI) via the checkbox, everything started working properly again.

(edits: I tapped this out on my tablet originally, sorry for the spelling errors)

Are you thinking of this issue (which I also thought had been fixed but the ticket is still open)?

Thanks @JonMikelV, I think you’re right; If the bug hasn’t been fixed yet then it probably is the same issue.

Odd that someone noted a couple of weeks ago that it works in the Edge browser. As a web developer this intrigues me and I’d be happy to help work toward a solution when I have time to look into it further.

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