Semi-Annual Google Oauth failure [solved]

Three of my six monthly backups ran on 1 Feb 2019. Now they all fail when I test connection. Is this Google changing the rules again and I just need to wait for Duplicati to catch up? same thing happened in March 2018. I did a lot of flapping around and it eventually started work, and I’m pretty sure it was NOT because of anything I did.

Linux Mint 18.3

Failed to connect: Failed to authorize using the OAuth service: GetResponse timed out. If the problem persists, try generating a new authid token from: Duplicati OAuth Handler

Restarted duplicati today and Oauth worked, just like the last time.

Interesting. Do you have extremely long uptime for your system and Duplicati? On Windows, Microsoft tends to force updates in, so I don’t get to find out whether there are any issues there from long-running Duplicati…

Sometimes mono or its trusted certificate store can cause connection issues (which yours may have been). Regardless, I’m glad you found a way to get things going again even if we never track down the exact cause.

If by extremely long you mean days to a week or two, yes. Something
makes me restart the computer at least a couple times a month.