Script.Timeout while run-script-before

I have very easy python3 script: [Python] import logging import sys import os app_name = 'DupZab' # create logger with -
When i run this with run-script-before: c:\Python37\python.exe “c:\zabbix_mod\”
I got Duplicity error: Warning-Duplicati.Library.Modules.Builtin.RunScript-ScriptTimeout
When i manually run scipt all is ok. What wrong?

How long does the script take to run when manually run? If over 1 minute (the default), Duplicati will say the script timed out. If it normally takes longer, you can increase this timeout using: --run-script-timeout

the script is executed in 2 seconds
I create a .bat
start c:\my_script.exe
And run this .bat

I think –run-script-before just takes a path to a script, not a path to a script plus arguments, so if python.exe without arguments sits waiting for user input (Linux python does), then it times out…