Scheduler and custom backup retention question

I am relatively new but loving Duplicati. I have a few questions.

  1. To create 1 backup every two weeks, I have to select a day and choose “Run again every 2 weeks” ? is that correct approach?
  2. For my weekly backup I am using custom retention as 2W:1W which is if I understand correctly, once per week for next 2 weeks? Is the 2nd backup incremental? and if yes, what exactly happens in the 3rd week? 1st backup is deleted? or is it modified?
  3. If I reinstalled the OS (Fedora in my case). or want to access my backups from another machine, If I have the duplicati config folder which has the sql DBs and my all backup configurations… is that enough to setup a new instance of Duplicati and import the configs? Will all my backups in cloud will be accessible then?

Hi @akya, glad to hear you’re enjoying Duplicati and welcome to the forum!

  1. Yes - “Run again every 2 weeks” will create 1 backup every two weeks.

  2. Yes 2W:1W means “for two weeks, keep 1 backup per week” (though if you’re running backups every 2 weeks you will only have 1 backup in any 2 week period)

    a. Technically, every Duplicati backup is a full backup that is “optimized” by re-using the already backed up content that hasn’t changed.

    b. When a backup version “ages out” (such as a 3 week old backup with a “keep for 2 weeks” limitation) Duplicati will remove the 3 week old backup from the “Restore” list and flag any blocks NOT used by new backups (aka current, 1, and 2 weeks old) for deletion.

  3. You can restore directly from the cloud - you don’t need any imported job. However, if you do have an imported job (with a copied sqlite database) then restores will be faster (due to the local database)

    Just jobs (no database) can be imported on a new box by either using the “Export as file” function on the old box then “Import job from file” on the new box. If you want to include the database you’ll need to manually copy that over to the new box and point the new job to the new database location.

    You can also just copy all the databases (including Duplicati-server.sqlite and individual job databases) & config files (dbconfig.json) over to the new box, and it will bring all your stuff over - just be sure you’ve got them all.

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Thanks @JonMikelV for clarifying everything :slight_smile:

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