Scheduled backup not running at all

Yeah, it installs in the start menu, such that it launches for all users when they log in. I see how this can be a problem for multi-user usage, as they will compete for port 8200.

Yes, you are right; it should not cause locked files just because another instance is running on another database.

That’s a pity! It would have been easier to solve this if you had been right…

The problem is really strange. Maybe you can try a professional scheduled backup software. Many software has this function. I use AOMEI Backupper for three years and it works fine.

I like AOMEI Backupper for making system images, but for individual file backup it only saves to local / network drives. So if you’re looking for cloud / offsite backup it would only work if you can mount the remote location as disk the trick Backupper into thinking it’s saving to a “local” drive.