Scheduled backup job changed time by itself

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that a weekly backup job that’s scheduled to start at 7:30 AM every Friday is for some reason scheduled to start at 8:30 AM. Could there be a bug that is somewhat related to the changing from winter to summer time (Don’t know the correct term in English) which we did at the end of March here in Germany?

I’m currently running version of Duplicati on a Windows 10 machine.


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Yes, the time change is exactly what causes this. Currently Duplicati stores times in UTC, so when daylight saving time switches the effective runtime of your backups can shift by an hour.

There is a desire to change this behavior but it hasn’t happened yet.

In the meantime you can re-edit your backup job schedule to put the job back to the time you prefer. You’d have to do this twice a year.

I believe there’s another reason but I have to get it to happen again (clarification: today). I’ve tried changing it multiple times in the past with it changing again on its own without a time change.

I just never cared at all. Auto backups just need to run and be successful for auto backups to be useful. Strict time is personal opinion or desire.

Update after 4 days since resetting it. Its staying on now. No idea the issue I was seeing before on that with needing continued resetting. Since I didn’t care it shows lol.