Saving backup reports to the remote destination folder

I’m using Duplicati to send backups…

  • From: Windows source computers
  • To: a destination Linux server over SSH

I know that there’s options to send backup reports via email and to a HTTP server… just wondering if there is any way to have the backup reports simply saved into the destination folder? It would be over SSH in this case, but wouldn’t need to be limited to SSH destinations.

This would be much easier to setup/maintain I think.

My backup archives are encrypted, but I don’t care if the reports are encrypted or not.

Is there any way to do this? Or is it an option that could be added?

Email can be a bit unreliable when the source computers are connecting through different ISPs etc (I know you can use mailgun etc, but it’s further complication, and still less reliable that a standard file being written to disk)

And HTTP requires you to set up & maintain a custom server or use a 3rd party service… in addition to actually setting up your storage destination server, which obviously everyone has to do already, so we could “kill two birds with one stone” by sending the reports to the destination storage server itself.

Just saving the reports to the destination folder would be really handy I think. I’m using SSH, but it could just as easily work for over most of the other protocols I think.

Separate question: can the reports be saved in JSON? It would makes them very easy to parse with some simply scripting in any language. Also with pretty print enabled, they’re quite human readable anyway.

I’m not sure if the HTTP “3rd party service” comment had this in mind, but Duplicati Monitoring might be useful. Another option might be dupReport, which is now in the process of getting some additional notification options.

Hi @RunningFree, welcome to the forum!

As far as I know there is not currently a feature to do as you want. There primary philosophy of Duplicati is to trust no one so putting a plain text file at the destination (even if it’s just what’s currently in reports) wouldn’t be high on the feature list.

That being said, there are plenty of options that have been added that do assume there is some trust involved. :slight_smile:

I believe some we has gone on at GitHub to add full JSON formatting for the report and then to be about to sent it “anywhere” (including a local file). I don’t believe any of that had made it into a release yet, though.

Your best bet would probably be to check out the work done there and see if you can add (or get others to add) what your looking for.

Oh, and maybe see these similar items:

@RunningFree, I don’t believe Duplicati has the ability to send output to a file, though there was some talk about creating JSON output. Not sure if that ever made it into the betas. dupReport does allow you to save its output to a file, so that might help some. As @ts678 noted, we are current adding support for the Apprise notification service. Beta code and docs are available on our GitHub pre_prod branch. Don’t know if that will satisfy your need, but it might help.