"Save different versions with timestamp in file name" issue

In Restore if I select “Save different versions with timestamp in file name” and the file already exists I’m not seeing a restored file with the timestamp in it’s filename. I’m looking in the directory where the original file is which I have selected during Restore.

I am using Duplicati -

Looks like I have the same symptoms. After the restore, I get a warning that there are 0 warnings:


The Result entry doesn’t show any warnings and the Parsed Result is “Success”.
When restoring the same file to another location, there are no problems.

Yes, I can reproduce this, I will have a look.

Does it overwrite the original file? You can choose a different target folder, and if you do this, Duplicati will “compact the path” meaning it will not recreate the folder structure, but only the folders (if any) required to represent the files restored.

Also, if the existing file is not modified, it will not be overwritten.

Ah, stupid me! :man_facepalming:
This explains why I didn’t see anything restored after a restore operation of a test file.

Just confirming I’m seeing the same issue. Restores to a different location work fine, and restores to the same location using a timestamp work fine if the original file has changed.

I’m getting the “Warning 0 warnings” message when attempting to restore a file that hasn’t changed to the original location and either using a timestamp or telling it to overwrite the original file.

Not a significant issue, but it was confusing and a bit worrying until I read this thread.

Btw, thanks for this amazing software!