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New to Duplicati and testing it in combination with Wasabi. So far, I’m quite happy. I do have a question though, I want multiple backup jobs running at different times, but all go to the same destination and bucket. I do save them each in their own target directory below that bucket so different backups do not end up in the same location.

For each backup however I need to enter all the details for Wasabi, the key, secret and so forth. I think this should be easier, can I save this location as a default so I only have to change the path?

I like your idea, but currently there isn’t support for it as far as I know.

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Welcome to the forum @Karsten

This is getting into pretty obscure stuff that I haven’t tested, but it might be possible to get this to happen.

If you take the job and look at Commandline or Export As Command-line you’ll see a storage URL which probably has some option-looking things stuck on the right side using ampersands. URL can be set with
parameters-file which can also set the non-storage-URL style of options. Some might work either way…

run-script-before can also set up options by writing from the script into duplicati. Docs on your system or
This method also has a documented way to set both the storage URL and most other options you’d use.

For ordinary advanced options that you want everywhere, use Default options on the Settings screen. Storage-specific options aren’t on the menu. Forcing them in may be possible, if you want to push things.

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This might not be what you’re asking for, but you can import saved configurations from the command line. For example,

mono ConfigurationImporter.exe /home/user/backup-config.json --import-metadata=false --server-datafolder=<absolute path to folder that contains Duplicati-server.sqlite>

so, if you export one configuration to a file and then create modified copies of the file, you can import modified version of the backup configurations.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

@ts678 you seem to know your stuff ;-). While I do appreciate your suggestions and while I don’t shew from technical things (I live my life on the cli for my job), for some things I don’t want to go there. Backups is one of them. This is the reason I didn’t go for Restic (while I love the product it wasn’t for the right tool for the job).
Basically, I am simply looking for a way to define backup destinations, and be able to select one from a list so I only have to fill in the target directory. This way Duplicati can save the credentials in a save and secure way. Maybe the devs would consider this a feature request?

@warwickmm Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it! I thought of this myself actually. It’s the closest thing to what I was looking for and its what I would use for now. Hopefully this idea of mine will one day make it into Duplicati. I think it would make life easier :).

Thanks all!

I changed it to a Feature request so it’s more possible to track and get comments on from others.
Personally this reminds me a bit of some of the mass-deployment feature requests that come up.

You’re also getting beyond the original request into others when you talk about credential security.
Currently the GUI is pretty willing to show them to whoever’s on it. --parameters-file might resolve.

Feature requests have a large backlog, limited by available volunteers, so not many can get done.
Recently the focus has been on backup reliability, not features, and there’s still work needed there.