Samba and duplicati

I have tried to backup to my NAS (samba) with duplicati. I have written to /etc/fstab a mount point for my samba share. The problem is that fstab mounts are always by root and duplicati cannot write to root directories. I can mount also with my user but that happens in .profile and if I have the computer on but have not logged in crontab writes to the directory and not to the share that is not mounted.

How are you running Duplicati? Sounds like it is running even when you’re not logged in, which leads me to believe you’re running as a systemd service. If that is the case it should be running as root and have access to that smb mount point.

Alternatively, what about using a different protocol? Many NASes support others like SFTP or WebDAV. What NAS do you have?

I solved the problem by disabling the automatic backups.
When I backup, my nas (samba) is mounted.
Actually I ran rsync on crontab and that applied also when I was not logged in. I don’t know if duplicati does the same. The reason why I use samba and duplicati is that rsync does not copy links correctly on samba.

My NAS is Synology DS120j. I don’t think it supports other methods than samba, bu maybe.

Datasheet seems to say yes, but if your solved problem unsolves, you might have other options to try.