Running Duplicati using a standard user vs root

So, I followed the instructions in this GitHub issue to set up Duplicati on a headless server. Later on, the user that created the instructions mentioned that he’s running as a standard user, rather than root.

Now, I originally was running Duplicati in a docker container, using a standard user account, and I ran into issues where if I tried to restore the files original owner & permissions, it would fail. So this is why I went the route of installing Duplicati on the server directly, and running as root.

But I would like to run as a regular user if possible. Is it possible to do such a thing, and configure the user such that they would be able to restore file owner and permissions? Or am I stuck running Duplicati as root?

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Running as a non-root user should work just fine, keeping in mind that you’ll only be able to back up items that the non-root user has access to.

As long as the --restore-permissions=true parameter is included during the restore you should get your permissions back as well.

By default permissions are not restored as they might prevent you from accessing your files. Use this option to restore the permissions as well.

Weird. I was not having that experience when attempting to restore files with that flag included. When my backup set is rebuilt in my current configuration, I will switch to running as the standard user again and try again, and capture the error if it happens again.

Odd indeed - though to be honest I haven’t had a need to use that feature myself, so it’s possible you’ve found a failure scenario.

Please do let us know how it works for you (wongly or correctly) on your next restore.

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