Running Duplicati on startup on Freenas / FreeBSD

Hi Rexit,

I recently started using duplicati in freenas 11.3.

Can you please guide me to solve the error?

I already installed Duplicati Plugin in FreeNAS 11.3 but if i try to open in web browser it says connection refused. Same message while trying telnet too.

So can you please help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Lokesh Kamath

Currently the plugin is broken

I’m trying to access to duplicati on truenas freenas “with” but I can’t find how and where typing this command ?

Anyone could help me ?

Presumably you are running this as a Jail?
What is your main network address for the freenas?

I run duplicati on FreeNAS and it works well. I seem to remember when I set it up I used NAT but then changed the jail properties so that the Jail used a different IP (static) on the main network, not the FreeNAS IP and not some other network that I don’t think would ever work due to no routing.