Retrieving Duplicati backups after system reinstall

I have a complete setup of (offline USB HDD) Duplicati backups, my Windows crashed and has been reinstalled. Will my backup files be retrievable in Duplicati and do I need to fix any settings to connect to the backups for the restore operation?
The Duplicati instance was also lost during the system crash, it will be reinstalled and hopefully will be able to restore my data files.

Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost is the easiest way to do a one-time retrieve, provided you saved an Export of your configuration, or have at least any essential information such as your passphrase.

If you instead want to get back to backups, you’d recreate your job from an Export or memory, then Repair button (seeing no database) would make the usual one. Direct restore makes one only for requested work.

After the database is back, you can restore files as you wish, resume your usual backup cycles, and so on.