Retention string seems to be broken in 2020-01-18 update

The retention string I have been using is “2h:10m,2D:30m,1M:1D,6M:1W,U:1M”. This worked properly until the latest update. Now I get the error message “You must enter a valid rentention policy string”. First, “retention” is misspelled. Second, this message give no indication what’s wrong with the string. But it appears that the hour and minute units have been removed. Is there a reason for this? I do a backup every 10 minutes and rely on having multiple backups a day.

I suspect it’s an accident in adding a validation. Can you file an Issue for development to review/fix?

Test that retention policy is a valid pattern #3775

EDIT: By look at above, and by test, hours still works, but minutes seems to have been left behind…

EDIT: As a workaround, 10m could become U with little impact. 30m becoming 1h hurts a little more…

I’ve opened a pull request to fix the minor thing that I forgot to add minutes as a valid option :laughing:

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Changes were merged so should make it into next release.

As a workaround until then I’d probably settle for “2d:U” and just keep every backup in that interval. Or alternatively use 1h instead of 30 min :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s a little much effort to disable the check as a workaround right now.