Restoring files: delays and empty warnings


I am trying to restore files from a backup. The backup is on a remote server, based on the sftp-protocol (ftp over ssh).

Duplicati shows frequently “Warnings” during the restoring process, but when I click on them, I only see a list of backups that has been running - with no warnings.

Here is an image of my restoring process (please ignore, that I took the screenshot before selecting the correct date):

The response to every click that opens a subfolder takes 1-4 minutes, although the list of the subfolders is (as the image shows) very limited.

In order to speed up the process, I paste the local path to the files I’d like to restore into the search box and press “search”. After 2-3 minutes, an warning appears. Clicking on it leads me to the start-page of duplicati. So no information.

So the only way to restore the files is to

  • ignore all the warnings
  • be very patient until I finally decent into the relevant subdirectory (about 15min).

At last and most important: it worked, and I restored the files. Still, I’d like to improve/understand why this is happenening. Could you please help me to sort the error-msgs, the delay and the “path-not-accepted” out? I have to admid that I lost some of my trust in duplicati during the past year.

According to an answer from drwtsn32, I should be able to paste the path…: Feature Request - #2 by drwtsn32

Meaning the Restore job log has a green dot and it says Warnings 0? Did you look inside the log too?

I’m not certain, but I think speed of opening a given folder depends on the folder, not neighboring ones. Sometimes it can take awhile. How big is the folder you’re trying to open? You can possibly open a tab About → Show log → Live → Profiling to see if it runs an SQL query that takes awhile to finish running. After that finishes, I think its file information goes to web browser. Is Duplicati run on the same system?

What does it say? Can you paste an image? Does About → Show log → Live → Warning see warning?

How big is the backup, and how many files does it have? In backup log, look for Source files Examined.


For a profiling log example from opening a subfolder of a backup of 6543 files, 7 seconds was taken at:

Jan 6, 2023 7:31 PM: ExecuteReader: SELECT “C”.“Path”, “D”.“Length”, “C”.“FilesetID” FROM (SELECT “A”.“Path”, “B”.“FilesetID” FROM “Filenames-378B2881A6AEC740929402C458D9A4DB” A, (SELECT “FilesetID”, “Timestamp” FROM “Filesets-DEB87B9A27642046BE7B33FDB8CDE37F” ORDER BY “Timestamp” DESC) B ORDER BY “A”.“Path” ASC, “B”.“Timestamp” DESC) C LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT “Length”, “FilesetEntry”.“FilesetID”, “File”.“Path” FROM “Blockset”, “FilesetEntry”, “File” WHERE “File”.“BlocksetID” = “Blockset”.“ID” AND “FilesetEntry”.“FileID” = “File”.“ID” AND FilesetEntry.“FilesetID” IN (SELECT DISTINCT “FilesetID” FROM “Filesets-DEB87B9A27642046BE7B33FDB8CDE37F”) ) D ON “C”.“FilesetID” = “D”.“FilesetID” AND “C”.“Path” = “D”.“Path” took 0:00:00:07.824


Basically, to find your slow spots (if they’re SQL), look for the took values and note the slowest ones.
The one I just made and found has come up before as a slow one. Google search for the first portion.
There’s also a theory that the number of versions slows it, although I suspect files are more important.
If there’s anybody around who can analyze and optimize SQL, this one might be one to take a look at.


If yours is the same, I tentatively tracked down the source, and got the same conclusion I did last time.
We’re not more expert at SQL though, so anybody who feels like they could help is much encouraged.

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for taking the time…


Meaning the Restore job log has a green dot and it says Warnings 0 ? Did you look inside the log too?
yes, green dot, warnings 0 and I could not detect anything strange in the complete log. But I have to admit that logs aren’t my specialty…

It was just a pop-up at the buttom of the screen.

903.45 GB

I just tried to reproduce the restoring process (used another file from the same directory, and restored an older version from the backup.
The longest “took-value”:
Jan 11, 2023 9:53 PM: PrepareRestoreFileList took 0:00:00:05.520
No warnings/complications. Still slow, but much more acceptable than previously.

What color and how empty? Below is a more typical looking one:

Clicking Show (did you get one, and what else?) opens logs page.
There I saw a yellow dot and warnings, yet somehow you did not.

This is probably going to be hard to troubleshoot since it’s gone…
If it’s still happening for other restores, you can grab live logs, etc.