Restoring errors

I’m going to try to make this as concise as possible.

I have duplicati backing up my /AppData for NC, and Plex media.

That being said, I have a successful backup from about a month ago (everything I need to keep backed up)

Today I re-installed NC due to some issues. Come to find out, my data folder has wiped all the data (unsure how something like this happens) I am thinking it’s due to the power outages we have had. Anyways, my personal data has very important information that I need. Luckily I have this previously backed up to my Duplicati container which is on my other server.

I am now trying to ‘restore’ the specific directory and it is giving me an error of ‘missing 57,000 files’. What is it missing, all I am trying to do is to push files from the backup directly to the server to restore these files.

From the time of the last backup, some directories have changed locations. ex - /mnt/user/media —> /mnt/user/downloads just an example but files have changed directories in that similar fashion. No backup has been created since that. I find it hard to believe something could be related to that since I am specifying where to restore the files to.

I have read on some other similar threads that the option would be re-creating the database. My question to that would be will it keep my current backup safe? What is the re-creating process doing? The files that are on my backup, do NOT EXIST on the machine I am trying to restore to.

I appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you!

Hello and welcome!

It is probably talking about the “back end” files, the files Duplicati creates on your backup target location. Did this move since you did your last backup? Edit the job configuration and check your Destination section to make sure it’s correctly configured.

(I don’t think you need to worry about database recreation because it sounds like yours is working… you were able to browse and select files for restore.)

Wow. Somehow looked right past this. Specified the exact location, and boom looks like everything is restoring to where I choose.

Appreciate the lighting fast help.

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