Restore without local DB - list files takes hours


i try to restore my files from a Google Drive account. I Reinstalled duplicati on my on a new Windows 10 PC and have gone through the steps to start a restore. I entered the path in my Google Drive, authorized duplicati and started. it now hangs in the process of listing files.

I assume it rebuilds the local db but how long does it take? Does it need to download all the data first to rebuild the DB? i only want to restore a few files but the backup is around 2 TB of data.


Hello and welcome!

Yes, if you do a clean install of Duplicati it will need to recreate the local database. If your intent is to do a one-off restore on this system, then you could probably do Restore -> Direct restore from backup files. This recreates a temporary local database used for this one restore.

But if you want to do more than one restore, or you want to resume backups on this new machine (and stop using your old one), you are better off setting up a new backup job. This way you only have to recreate the local database once and can do multiple restores more quickly.

In general a local database is supposed to recreate pretty quickly, but in certain scenarios it can take longer.

Which of the above two methods did you try? Is the database recreate still in progress?