Restore question


I am trying to restore files and I only see last 3 days. How do I restore from a month or a year ago?


If you mean the Restore date picker shows only 3 days, and you looked at it all, that’s what you have.

You can check your Options screen 5 to see what you set. Maybe you set it lower than you’d prefer?


If you want to post your Schedule screen 4 settings, and the Backup retention, we can check it out.
There’s also a backup count on the Home screen. You can also check destination for dlist file dates.
Not seeing old dates is good proof that they’re not there. If that’s not possible, there are other ways…

Take backups, and don’t delete them using Backup retention. They will then be there for your Restore.

Thank you.
In screen 5 I had set it for smart retention. Now I have changed it to custom retention and will see what happens. In screen 4 I have set it to backup daily Mon - Sat.

has a textual description on the screen, but is identical to custom retention 1W:1D,4W:1W,12M:1M

Assuming the computer was run those days and has been for awhile, you should have over 3 days.
You can go back (I think) 30 days in the logs to see if anything ran, and if you agree with what’s left.
One thing that confuses people is that a day is 24 hours, a week 7 days, etc. It’s not calendar basis.

Or maybe you just haven’t run long enough to get more than 3 days worth of backups made so far.
Regardless, if you decide things are running according to plan (original or truly custom), then great.