Restore is not creating symlinks

I’ve just started to use duplicati on an ubuntu box. I did a backup to B2, and I’m trying to restore a few files as a test.

I chose my test directory poorly (well?). I had forgotten that it contained all symlinks. On restore, nothing was created at all in the restore directory. If I restore a directory with a mix of symlinks and files, then both symlinks and files get created.

So your Source that contains ONLY symlinks restores nothing on a restore? Interesting edge case…

Just out of curiosity, what is your --symlink-policy?

--symlink-policy (default: store)
Use this option to handle symlinks differently. The “store” option will simply record a symlink with its name and destination, and a restore will recreate the symlink as a link. Use the option “ignore” to ignore all symlinks and not store any information about them. Previous versions of Duplicati used the setting “follow”, which will cause symlinked files to be included and restore as normal files.
Default value: “Store”

I’m not specifying one explicitly, so it should be “store”.

And yeah, it’s a bit of an edge case. But who knows what more serious bugs can be lurking behind an edge case.

Agreed - I only mentioned thinking that your scenario likely hadn’t been tested (or possibly even used) anywhere before. Maybe it needs to be added to some test cases. :wink:

I haven’t gotten around to try trying to replicate the issue, but before I do I wanted to ask if you’ve updated to the newer beta release and whether or not the issue persisted.