Restore GUI / File history

Dear Duplicati community.

In front of all i want to thank you for that great open source backup tool!

In my old environment i used the backup software “Areca” and im asking for a feature in it:

The software displayed me the file i wanted to restore and gave me a file history from which i could choose, from what date the file should be restored.

I was searching for that option in Duplicati as well but only found a way to do that with the CLI and the “–all-versions” command.

Is there any way to do this in the GUI?

Thank you for your help.

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Hello @BobbiJoe, welcome to the forum and thanks for checking out Duplicati!

As a former CrashPlan user I too miss the ability to say I want to restore a single file and THEN get a list of what versions are available for restoration.

Unfortunately, Duplicati currently doesn’t support that functionality in the GUI - for now you have to first choose the backup version and THEN the file.

For files that might come and go over time, this can make it a bit of a chore to figure out which backup version even has the file for which you’re looking. :frowning:

The good news is that if you can do it with the command line, it should be possible to get the same functionality working in the GUI. I personally don’t have the skill to do that but if you do feel free to check out Duplicati on GitHub where you can submit your own changes to the tool!

Even if you don’t have such skills, creating a feature request on GitHub and assigning a Bounty to it (basically you say you’ll payout X dollars to whomever implements what you want) is a good way to get features moving.

If enough other people (such as myself) add to the Bounty what seems like a measly few dollar payout could suddenly turn into hundreds (like the retention policy bounty) or even thousands (like the Sia destination bounty) of dollars. At those levels even non-Duplicati users start thinking “hey, for that kind of money I’d be happy to code that!”. :slight_smile:

For reference, there’s a Github issue for this very great feature here #72 - yes that’s not a typo, it’s number 72 of 3024 - It’s been busy :slight_smile:

Oh and a $120 bounty for the adventurous :wink:

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