Restore backup without full path (crossplatform backuping/restoring)

Hello. Thank for such a good soft!
I have a little question or a feature request if there is none. Let’s say i have a source folder with path “C:\Users\User\folder_to_backup”. I use default duplicati settings in web ui on windows to create a local backup. Then i restart my PC to access any kind of GNU/Linux, for example debian, mount drive with backup and restore files from backup with command
duplicati restore /path/to/backup --restore-path="/path/to/restore"
In this case i get a folder “C:” which contains a folder “Users” etc. but i want to get the folder folder_to_backup in /path/to/folder. So… is there any way to restore “folder_to_backup” to the “/path/to/restore” without full path (C:\Users…)?
Thanks in advance!

P.S. On windows i use duplicati - On debian i use latest version from github.

Probably i haven’t clarified my problem.
Source (folder to backup): C:\Users\User\folder1 (ntfs partition, backup was made on windows)
Current folder on linux: ~/
Target folder to restore files from backups: ~/folder2
Path to source folder on mounted partition: /mnt/folder3
Command i used to restore (on linux):
duplicati restore /mnt/folder3 --restore-path=~/folder2
After this command i get this folder structure in $HOME:
I want to get:
Is there any way to do it? Without specifying “–restore-path” i get the same result.

Several things surprise me, but I don’t have this configuration to try.

/usr/bin/duplicati is the tray icon. I’d have expected it would require /usr/bin/duplicati-cli to do any command line restore. Could you use the web UI? Even without a database you can “Direct restore from backup files”.

The RESTORE command takes a <storage-URL> which I’d have thought would have to begin with a “file://” however you wouldn’t have to set it up by hand if the web UI was successful in walking you through restore.

–restore-path should have an effect, unless the situation was so confused it was just dropped, e.g. by tray icon, or unless cross-platform is special. There are limitations too. See Cross platform restore not possible.

–dont-compress-restore-paths ordinarily defaults to restoring the files at --restore-path without their folder, which you can just add on with --restore-path once you know it’s going to happen, but you got the full path.

Bottom line is I’m not sure what’s going on there, however isn’t a folder move an instant operation on Linux? Provided you’re not going to a different filesystem, it’s only a directory change. What’s the problem impact?

Thanks a lot for your reply!
I should have mentioned that on debian duplicati is just an alias for duplicati-cli i made.
If i understood correctly the problem of crossplatform restore between windows and linux OS exists. I will try to restore directly to ntfs mounted partition. Hope this will fix this little issue.

Unfortunately i was not succeed. Even if target folder (folder2 in my previous example) located on ntfs partition duplicati restores files with full path (C:/Users/…). Option --dont-compress-restore-path was accepted without any errors but didn’t affect the result. So… the only way to restore without full path is to restore on windows. Sad.