Restore Backup Job

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I have search everywhere but cannot find an answer…

I’ve lost my 2 hard drive in my Qnap NAS… and of course, I have never thought saving the configuration file.

I can access and restore data from my provider (Wasabi) but I can’t recreate the backup job…

Is there a way to recreate backup job without any configuration file?

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It’s good you can see the data in your Wasabi account. That will tell you the bucket name and path you used in the bucket. For authentication to Wasabi - if you lost that info you could regenerate new credentials on the Wasabi console, so not a big deal.

The critical piece is the encryption passphrase you used to encrypt your backup data. Do you have a record of that?

Hi Drwtsn32,

I can restore my data from wasabi. I know the bucket name and the passphrase.

My problem is that i want to recreate the backup job to keep backup my data from my NAS.

I know that i could create a New backup job and create a new bucket but i was wondering if there is a way to recreate the backup job and keep using the same bucket and just updating the New file.


Unfortunately I’m in the same boat as Jeremyj. A hard drive became unresponsive so I replaced it with a new one. After installing Duplicati I’m able to restore all my data without any problems from online webdav storage.

Now I’d like to recreate the backup job, but I did not export the backup configuration. Is there any way to recreate the backup configuration and resume the backup?

The only possibily now is to start a complete backup besides the already existing backup which will cost a lot of storage space.

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Yes, this is definitely possible. Just make sure you get all the details correct, especially the back end storage options. Sounds like you already have the most critical pieces of information since you’ve been able to do a restore. Make sure you get your retention option the way you like as well as all your source selections.

Once the backup job is configured and saved, you’ll need to run the Repair option so that it will recreate the local database. After that you should be able to run backups ok.

If you get any errors, post the information here and someone will try to help.

You can get an idea of what the old backup selected by looking at what the restore shows in its tree.
Since you just restored that, you can sanity-check the selection by doing another backup to see log:


and if source file changes seem wrongly high, maybe the new config got different from the old config.
If things such as source selection are a little wrong awhile, it might just create a few strange versions. Unlike some other backup programs, deconfiguring some source doesn’t automatically purge the file.
If you want all versions to look good (especially if you use smart or custom retention), take more care.

I suppose you could also try to guess backup schedule, retention, and more from similar inspections.
If you think you had a non-default remote volume size, you can look on Wasabi to see max file sizes.

Thank you! This worked like a charm!

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