Restore Backup Job

Hi !

I have search everywhere but cannot find an answer…

I’ve lost my 2 hard drive in my Qnap NAS… and of course, I have never thought saving the configuration file.

I can access and restore data from my provider (Wasabi) but I can’t recreate the backup job…

Is there a way to recreate backup job without any configuration file?

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It’s good you can see the data in your Wasabi account. That will tell you the bucket name and path you used in the bucket. For authentication to Wasabi - if you lost that info you could regenerate new credentials on the Wasabi console, so not a big deal.

The critical piece is the encryption passphrase you used to encrypt your backup data. Do you have a record of that?

Hi Drwtsn32,

I can restore my data from wasabi. I know the bucket name and the passphrase.

My problem is that i want to recreate the backup job to keep backup my data from my NAS.

I know that i could create a New backup job and create a new bucket but i was wondering if there is a way to recreate the backup job and keep using the same bucket and just updating the New file.