Restart existing backup job from scratch

Because of an error on my backup destination i have lost the backup files to three of my four backup jobs. The other job i still have partial files for.

So this means i want to restart these existing jobs completely from scratch. It should forget about backup size and backup version count etc, because all of that is gone.

I am now just getting an error “No files were found at the remote location, perhaps the target url is incorrect?”. The target URL is right, there are no files.

How to i restart an existing job completely from scratch?

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What you see is a protection that is intended to avoid cases where the destination is changed or wiped accidentally. Duplicati keeps track of what is supposed to be on the destination, and the expectation differs, it will give an error.

If you want the backup to continue “as is”, you need to delete the local database where the knowledge of the remote storage is placed. If you are using the UI, there is a menu for “Database…” which has options to delete the local database.

After the database has been deleted, you can click “Run now” and the backup will continue.

For the commandline, you can supply --dbpath= to point to a new location where the local database will be stored.