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My report summary list shows eg “8 Oct 2018 15:31: Result”, but does not show the result. Is there a setting I need change so that I would see eg “8 Oct 2018 15:31: Warning” or 8 Oct 2018 15:31: Success"

What report summary list is this? I thought Duplicati relied on third-party tools for things like report summaries.

For individual reports, there’s a lot of syntax to control the format. For example on my emails reports I’m using:

Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name% %PARSEDRESULT% instead of the default value:

Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name%

See –send-mail-subject.

I use the GUI and it’s under “Reporting…show log” for the backup set. I’ve changed the post title.

I’m not aware of a setting, although one could also argue that an always-there results summary would be good.
Looking at beta, I found one backup which generated “ParsedResult: Warning” (visible by expanding it) without saying anything on the unexpanded line than the date and “Result”. There do seem to be other things that can be said instead of Result. On I’ve seen it say “Retry” and “Message”. Logging is known to be rather less than ideal at the moment, so perhaps this should become a feature request to improve the job logs (and there’s also a wish to unify the current split logs, primarily being the per-job log and the global server log).

Source has quite a few potential codes that could be given, but seemingly the ones you want aren’t hooked up.

For now I think my best suggestion would be to configure email reporting, or maybe one of the third-party tools.

I was using Duplicati Monitoring but I wanted access to access the reports on my desktop via the GUI to save time.