Repair via CLI throws error

Repair in CLI shows me this (on second try)

The database is marked as "in-progress" and may be incomplete.
ErrorID: DatabaseIsInRepairState**
The database was attempted repaired, but the repair did not complete. This database maybe incomplete and the repair process is not allowed to alter remote files as that could result in data loss.

Repair via graphical interface works and doesn’t throw anything at me. Backup works after repair. But when I try to use Repair command in CLI again, it gives error every time.

I type

Duplicati.CommandLine.exe repair remote

then it asks me for passphrase and then this error shows up.

Are you sure this has the same database? Assuming that the remote stands for a storage URL as per The REPAIR command, please note that Using Duplicati from the Command Line is independent of the GUI by design (manual should clarify that better). In GUI, you would use Using the Command line tools from within the Graphical User Interface. For true CLI use, try GUI Export As Command-line and modify The BACKUP command into whatever other command you want. This will also save passphrase typing.

Specifically, I suspect that the Local database path not being given on –dbpath is pointing you to some random database assigned to CLI storage URL on a previous CLI run. I think dbconfig.json maps these.

was the best advice! :grinning: Repair worked!

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