Repair took many days, still in progress

I know there are many threads about very long database repair processes but days ago it hit me. After I delete and repair the database it’s still in progress after some days. The backups files are on the local hard disk and the log gives me:

  1. Apr. 2021 21:28: Pass 3 of 3, processing blocklist volume 1261 of 14283

It took now about two days to check 1261 files …
Is there a way to speed this up. When I calculate it to 14283 it can take about 22 days to finish :frowning:


  • Arch Linux, latest Updates
  • duplicati

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way to speed it up.

If you had a functional database, there is a way to “fix” the incorrectly written dindex files that leads to this problem of dblocks needing to be downloaded. Unfortunately you do not have a functioning database so that’s not an option for you.

You’ll have to let it finish. Once it’s done you can fix the dindex files so that if you need to recreate the database again in the future it will only take minutes instead of days.

Thank you for the information. Luckily I found another solution. I backuped all data to multiple storage’s including the duplicati database. I restored the database from another location and run repair and verify the database is now clean and the backup can be started.

Great… glad that worked for you!

If you want to fix the root problem (bad dindex files) so you don’t experience slow db rebuilds in the future, let me know. I’ll look for the post where i gave some instructions on how to do this.