Remote backups without local storage for shipping

I would like to know if Duplicati has functionality similar to Duplicity or rclone, so that I can make local bkp files to a remote server, without having to create local bkp to send, as this requires more disk space on the local server than I don’t have one much.

No, it does need local temp storage to build the remote volumes before they are transmitted to the back end. rclone is just a sync tool so doesn’t need that ability.

The default remote volume size is 50MiB, so you shouldn’t need too much extra space for temp files. Or did you perhaps increase that remote volume size setting from the default?

I left it at 50mb. As I understand it, if I’m going to send 100G, it breaks everything into 50M files and sends it little by little, so it’s less bad. I thought he was going to create a 100G file to send later.

Yeah it will create a limited number of volumes in parallel for uploading. From memory I believe it’s 4, but I could be wrong. It’s definitely not going to create 100GB in temp files.

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