Release: (canary) 2019-11-29

  • Made password input in dark-theme better, thanks @mithileshz
  • Fixed resource leaks and shutdown code for OneDrive, thanks @tygill
  • Report a warning if the backup was cancelled, thanks @warwickmm
  • Do not warn if deletion fails but actually removes the remote file, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Prevent storing journal data on incomplete backups, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Disabled file attribute masking on Windows 10, thanks @drwtsn32x

Seeming regression since in SharePoint (and maybe related destination types).
Bad Request error from request - NameConflictBehavior must be fail, replace or rename
Please follow up there if you see this (or decide to test anyway, but don’t see it).

I don’t have SharePoint, but haven’t seen any issues with .35 on 4 x Windows, 1 x Fedora, 1 x Pi-4, so it hasn’t affected anything else as far as I can see.

I examined the changes, and it is unlikely that this is a new error in

Presumably means Let me run that by the report thread which had evidence that it is new. Nobody else has commented yet one way or the other. Not sure if this will need account access or a custom build of some sort to figure out what’s up. The easiest first step is probably to retest, because there’s probably at least a small chance of timing coincidences against change at Microsoft.

I was wrong, there was a change that I ignored as just being a resource-leak fix, that was actually setting some overwrite flags incorrectly.

New build should fix it (thanks to @warwickmm).