Release: (beta) 2018-11-28

The major changes in this version are:

  • New multi-threaded processing engine
  • New logging system with filter options
  • Better external reporting, with JSON support
  • Filter groups to exclude common unwanted files
  • Ignore filenames and empty folders added
  • USN support on Windows
  • Improved repair and validation
  • Fixed reading password from console
  • UID and GID now correctly restored on Linux/BSD/MacOS
  • Added a number of new languages to the user interface

And of course many, many, other updates and fixes contributed by the Duplicati community.

A big thanks to all who contributes fixes, reportes issues, and participate on the forum!

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Having a version number equal to won’t cause any problems?

Yeah, I messed up! The docker install broke, and I got the build done with a wrong version number.

I will make a new identical build with version tag

Closing topic in favor of correct release here: