Release: (canary) 2019-02-06

  • Fixed an issue with backup of a Windows drive (without a path)
  • Clarified the B2 user interface, thanks @Pectojin
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I use B2 - happen to have a little further detail about what’s been clarified, just so I know what to look for when i upgrade?

It’s just when setting up authentication. We used to suggest that account id could be used but it can’t anymore.

It will ask for application id and application key now.

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Is there something that needs to be done to already existing backups to b2 after this release?

Nope, the change is just cosmetic (i.e. the text no longer mentions account id).

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Updating from does not work at the moment for me, is this a known issue? The log states:

System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway. at Duplicati.Library.Utility.AsyncHttpRequest+AsyncWrapper.GetResponseOrStream () [0x0004d] in <100e03489e9743ac982e946fb5db3979>:0 at Duplicati.Library.Utility.AsyncHttpRequest.GetResponse () [0x00044] in <100e03489e9743ac982e946fb5db3979>:0 at Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.DownloadAndUnpackUpdate (Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdateInfo version, System.Action'1[T] progress) [0x0019c] in <6bdd0881190b412697e09f023959bd65>:0

Never mind, it just worked.

Should I go from beta to this canary release just to see if filters are working faster now? I am having “purge” commands taking unusually long time compared to “find” commands even when using the --no-auto-compact flag and also the same filters