Release: (canary) 2018-03-16

  • Added a new logging system with filters
  • Source code documentation fixes and code quality fixes, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved the speed of the re-encrypt python script, thanks @piegamesde
  • Added username and started-by information in the WebUI, thanks @Pectojin
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Thanks for the new canary!

No issues updating via GUI on Windows 10.

  • :+1: the General tab on the About Duplicati page even updated to show the new version correctly (which some people have apparently reported issues with in the past)!

  • :+1: I’m also seeing the new “StartedBy” and “UserName” values on the “System Info” page. Thanks @Pectojin!

  • :+1: Initial test backup ran just fine

  • :+1: The now NINE Live server log filter options seem to be working. I like the “ExplicitOnly” option for debugging

  • :question: When my job finished I did have a warning about The option log-level is deprecated: Use the log-file-log-level and console-log-level options instead. I assume that was intended based on New log system with filters.

  • :question: My Stored server log shows 3 “ThreadAbortException” and 3 “Cannot write to a closed TextWriter” entries - I assume these are due to the install killing the old version and starting the new one.

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Does the new version actually start automatically for you when doing the in-browser update? I still have to start the application manually following the update process (though the rest works properly). Though incidentally, for the last few versions now there’s been a visual glitch with the progress bar indicating the download process - it shows up, but offset by so much that it appears completely outside of the outline provided for it on-screen.

To clarify, it appears that the --log-level option has now been split in two, one that explicitly affects the log file (hopefully it actually works now), and one that affects the in-UI logs. Though I have yet to figure out exactly what the in-UI setting does or where to see it - i like following the “Information” output during backup jobs, but it still seems that if i navigate to logs/live/Information after a job has run, nothing shows up (i have to be there prior to a job start for the info to populate). I might just be misunderstanding something here of course.

Yes, it started for me - though I’m not using a GUI password which I think might cause some GUI issues until the page is manually refreshed:

And yes, the alignment is off for me as well:

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By that you mean a Duplicati GUI password, right? I have mine completely open, as well (and always have). It just… doesn’t re-launch after the “activate” button press causes the new version to take over and the running version to shut down. I expect it’s a known issue but it’s curious to me that it’s so inconsistent between users.

Same here. :slight_smile:

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Unfortenutely, after Activate new version didn’t start. I started it manually.