Release: (Canary) 2018-02-27

  • Added Docker images, thanks @fkrull
  • Fixed log entries being cut in UI, thanks @Pectojin
  • Improved the webserver status codes, thanks @Pectojin
  • Fixed the Mono download link for the OSX package, thanks @aranaur
  • Improved the log UI to not load excessive results, thanks @Pectojin
  • Fixed an issue where retention options would not clear in the UI, thanks @TekkiWuff
  • Not applying default filters, unless explicitly enabled by the user
  • Automatically reloading DNS entries for WebDAV if there is a name lookup error, thanks @Pectojin
  • Improved rentention policy syntax and functionality, thanks @TekkiWuff
  • Added script to re-encrypt remote files, thanks @wjansenw
  • Fixed a number of incorrect HTTP status codes, thanks @Pectojin

I think less may not have been compiled. I’m still having the log UI cutting issue resolved in Live log height by Pectojin · Pull Request #3033 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub
Looks like it was just a very clingy cache. Everything is looking good now (upgraded on two different systems).

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I’m now seeing the fixed menu position that I wasn’t getting in - yay! :+1:

Is it normal, when after activating I have to start manually D2 app on Windows? Also download progress bar was near a panel?

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So we have a candidate for experimental now? :fireworks::cocktail:

@avmaksimov If you leave the box checked on the last page of the installer, it should start automatically.

Oh, I just saw this: disabled default filters until we decide on how to use them by Pectojin · Pull Request #3065 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

For some reason I closed it, but should this be included in the experimental?

It was meant for the experimental, that’s why I made the PR to the disable_default_filters branch so it can be merged into the experimental build :slight_smile:

Ok, I created a release/ branch, so we can merge fixes into that.

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I think that merging that branch gets us pretty close to closing all outstanding issues.

Perhaps we should get fixes password change in hosted tray by mnaiman · Pull Request #3066 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub as well?

We didn’t tag it for experimental but it resolves a pretty old and pretty active issue so I’m sure a a couple of people would appreciate it

I mean upgrading via GUI after “Activating”.

I see. It is supposed to restart, but some people report problems with it and I have not figure out why it fails sometimes.

For the progress bar, I have not seen that before. What browser and version are you using?

I have problem with restart everywhere and with app and service .

Yandex Browser ( (based on WebKit 537.36).

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With service I saw message “Activation failed:”. But now I see “Not logged in” after click “Activate now” in “About”.

I have the same symptoms using Edge.

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There are two processes:

Is it normal?

For me, I have to manually restart Duplicati after the auto-update process completes, every time. In the past it just failed, so at least it works now.

Dang, I was hoping this meant that the “log line overlapping” issue had been fixed :-/

It is. That might be caching issues.

When I upgraded it still looked like that until later that day when it finally updated the cached css.

Yes. The “base” version is the one you originally installed. On startup it notices that a newer version is installed and it starts that version instead. The “base” version does not do anything, but it keeps running until the updated version quits.

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