Release: (Canary) 2018-02-12

  • Updated translations
  • Rebuilt stylesheet

This is otherwise the same as



Could you re-apply the translations with the next Canary? Two weeks ago I resolved a nasty typo in the Dutch translation, which doesn鈥檛 seem to have it made to the last versions.
鈥淭his week鈥 should be translated to 鈥淎fgelopen week鈥, not 鈥淒eze wek鈥.



The patch notes says updated translations and compiled css, so it should be there.

Is there some kind of delay between between translations being suggested and them being applied in an update?

Translation was fixed 14 days ago:
It鈥檚 also part of the .PO file at GitHub (line 2223).

Hmm, I must admit I don鈥檛 know how they worked. I submitted a few minor translations on the translation website like 7 months ago but I never paid attention to when they made it in.

Just a FYI, I鈥檝e experienced some problems with backups on my Ubuntu server after applying It looks like permission issues where my entire /etc and most of my /var/www folders are missing from every backup since last night when I upgraded.

I鈥檓 not sure it鈥檚 related to the actual release but I鈥檓 rolling back to to test if it鈥檚 somehow version specific or if it鈥檚 just a bad upgrade. The service showed up as running as root and no warnings were given about permission issues, which is why I鈥檓 a bit confused.

Edit: It鈥檚 looking more and more like a permission issue. Same thing happens with Interestingly it counts 200GB and then when it finishes counting it immediately goes down to 100GB 鈥渢o back up鈥. But since it happens on it鈥檚 not an issue with

Edit2, I spoke too soon, actually included all the files once it finished and I opened the restore view to check鈥 Reinstalling now to try again.

Edit3, I still cannot back up those folders under BUT if I create a new job backing up only /etc it backs it up with no problems. So my issue is specific that one backup on鈥 Super strange鈥

When you export both backup jobs to commandline, do you spot any differences that could cause this problem or are related somehow to the items in the changelog?
(please don鈥檛 let it be something related to --retention-policy syntax鈥)

I added all the advanced options from my existing backup (except email鈥 too lazy) to the new test backup, including retention policy, so I do not think it鈥檚 related to retention policy :slight_smile:

I鈥檓 in the middle of rebuilding the database, so I have to wait for that to test more backup runs鈥

The biggest difference is that I have some exclude filters on the existing backup


And it could be a filtering issue if it鈥檚 not a permission issue. A filter issue would also explain why there are no warnings. Missing files are the purpose of filters, after all.

Maybe #3023 is involved somehow?

My database rebuild just finished (and a backup run completed but still missing /etc)

I just disabled --default-filters=Linux and --exclude-files-attributes="temporary,system" and started a new backup run

I鈥檓 pretty sure #3023 is indeed the reason, as before that pull, the default filters weren鈥檛 actually active on backups invoked via the UI. And I see that /etc/* and /var/* are indeed excluded by the Linux filters (thinking about it, I鈥檓 not sure whether or not they should be).

It indeed was. That鈥檚 what I get for toggling options with no descriptions in the frontend :slight_smile:

I don鈥檛 know, but it should definitely be listed when you enable the option. I expected the filters to include stuff like .swp files or .log files. However 90% of my important data is in /var/www or in /etc, so I will definitely not be using the Linux filter going forward.

Displaying the filters in the UI isn鈥檛 a bad idea.

Most of the filters come from this StackOverflow thread, which in turn comes mostly from Crashplan鈥檚 default set. It might not be a bad idea to go back over those and see if there鈥檚 anything that shouldn鈥檛 be there.

Hmm, that鈥檚 interesting. My Duplicati settings more or less mirror my crashplan settings and they both run side by side.
Either my Crashplan client doesn鈥檛 care about those rules, or Crashplan overrides those rules if you specifically select the folder.

Digging into that post more, it references this bit of documentation on Crashplan鈥檚 site. It looks like there are some exclusions which are never backed up (and can鈥檛 be overridden), which includes things like $RECYCLE.BIN, System Volume Information, pagefile.sys, various browser caches, /tmp, /proc, etc. There鈥檚 also a second set of folders which are backed up, but are hidden by default in the restore view, and this is the set that includes /etc, /var, /bin, and others.

That approach actually makes a lot of sense, and for the default filters in Duplicati, we should probably not be excluding the ones that Crashplan only hides (maybe with a few exceptions, e.g., .Thumbs.db and (?i)./NTUSER.*).

Ah, okay. I think we should add changing this as a milestone for experimental :slight_smile: Should be promoted to the experimental channel?

I can鈥檛 be the only one who would be affected by this now that the filters actually work :wink:

I created an issue to track it: Revise default backup filters 路 Issue #3030 路 duplicati/duplicati 路 GitHub