Reducing frequency of verification

As part of my benchmarking - I noticed HubiC is very slow and it seems driven by the verification step. Right now seems to verify each time - is there a way to reduce down the verifications to every X runs (ideally) or switch off completely (less idea but perhaps worth the time again)

At present you can tell Duplicati how many files to verify with each run - including 0 (none) with parameters such as --backup-test-samples=# and --no-backend-verification. Using one of those and the --run-script-before parameter you could dynamically set the parameters at each run.

However, verification checks individual archive (dblock) files - so if you have 50 archive files in your destination and your --run-script-before script only allows for verification of 1 file every week, it will take 50 weeks to verify every archive file.

Here’s a description of what happens during verfication: