Red systray icon


I just got around to evaluating Duplicati 2 as my backup solution. One weird thing though, the systray icon is always red. It always was, even right after install. I cannot find any errors. The Stored logs show no errors and going to Live and letting it sit on Error for a while generates nothing. I thought it might be from missing VSRedist2015 but installed that and rebooted. Same thing. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

What version are you running? An issue where the tray icon was red for new installs was fixed in version

Duplicati -

That is still the version that is on the Downloads page. Until that gets updated, I think I will just ignore the red icon. I can always look under Stored logs for actual errors if I think there is an error right?

There was a known issue with versions prior to where the tray icon would be stuck red after a new install, up to and until an error is thrown and cleared, after which it functions normally. It happened to me, and to get it to go away I just force-stopped a test backup job (if i remember correclty) which throws an error, and after clearing that error, the icon starts working normally.

Thanks for the information, I will give that a try. I will let you know if it works. Thanks again.

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