Recreate lost backup jobs

This may have been answered previously, but I have read through the forum and not sure I found exactly what I am looking for. I have Duplicati installed on an Synology. It works for the most part, however, I recently logged in and saw that all of my backup jobs were gone. I have seen other people have had this issue, but on Windows. Is there a way to rebuild the jobs from the existing SQLite databases? It looked as if the home directory defaulted back to the original one for Synology, so I did set the environment var DUPLICATI_HOME and point it to my existing database. Still the backup jobs did not show up. What am I missing?

If you go look at the system settings in Duplicati, it should tell you where it looks for the databases. It just needs the Duplicati.sqlite database, as that contains all the backup configurations.

You cannot recreate the jobs from just the (other) databases, as they do not contain the source paths, the filters, etc. You can restore with them, using the commandline, but not import back into the UI.