Recovery not listing directorys and files


im using Duplicati - and if i try to restore directly from the Job, the listing of Directory and Files is empty.

How could this be resovled ?

Thank You!


could anyone please provide some guide for troubleshooting ?

Thank You!

Hi @phoenix3k, welcome to the forum!

Sorry for missing your first post there, what OS are you running on and is this happening for all backup versions?

I know there was an issue with the restore list for backups from a UNC source (so starting with “\\”) and for that the workaround was to put a “.” (no quotes) in the Search (Datein suchen) box.

Hi, and thanks for reply :slight_smile:

the OS is: Windows 10 Pro 1809 17763.195 - yes, the “error” is valid for different versions of the backup, even for different jobs on different computers.

since you mentioned backup from unc source, this is how my job looks like:

adding a “.” without quotes in the restore list, doesnt help…

could i provide further informatione for troubleshooting ?

Thanks in advance

Hi again,

i just did a job with only local files on my computer, and the restore works perferctly.
so the problem must be somewhere in context with unc sources in backup configuration ?

Thank you

This is from a year ago, but it seemed to work then - if you’re doing the same thing (put a . in the search box & click search) and it’s NOT working, please let me know.


i did what you suggested and the browser (chrome) crashed multiple times:

Thanks in advance

Yikes - I’ve never heard of that happening!

Do you know how many files are in your backup? I’m wondering if the period actually “worked” but then the list overloads your browser…

I know this sounds like I’m flailing around but stay with me here… :slight_smile:

If you try searching for a specific file name you know you have, does that work? If so, does it work if you try searching for a specific file type (like maybe *.doc)? If that works, how about a search for a single letter?

I’m trying to determine:
a) does the search workaround actually work for you? (If so, others may be able to test potential fixes with UNC backups that don’t crash the browser.)
b) is there a result limit at which point Chrome starts having problems? (If so, perhaps Duplicati needs a ‘limiter’ in results.)

I think there was a proposed for the previously reported “\” issue but I don’t know that it ever into testing stage.

Thanks for your help & patience with this!


im very thankfull for your support :slight_smile: !!

  • files in backup-job ca: 85.000

  • searching for a specific file works!

  • searching for a specifi file type (*.xlsx; *.pdf) somehow works (not returning file and directory names)

  • searching for a letter works!

thank you very much !!

I’m glad there’s a sort-of workaround for you, though I’m surprised the “.” thing didn’t work.

I’d do some testing myself but have a Database Recreate test running that I don’t want to interrupt. :slight_smile: