recover the password

I have a very fat problem, I have a client who has duplicate in the backup, and the previous computer company has left them lying, and does not have the password of the backup and the database has been deleted, there is no way to recover the password
Here I leave the coding that has the copies

or is there some way to bruteforce get it out or something

41 45 53 02 00 00 21 43 52 45 41 54 45 44 2D 42 59 00 53 68 61 72 70 41 45 53 43 72 79 70 74 20 76 31 2E 33 2E 34 2E 30 00 80 00 00 00 00 00 00
AES…!CREATED-BY.SharpAESCrypt v1.3.4.0.€

Thank you

There is unfortunately no way to recover data without the password used to encrypt.

Brute forcing AES is not physically possible with current technology.

You must know or guess the password. How difficult that is depends on how good a password was selected, but it could take a long time.

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Hi I am in a simular problem with a keyboard config problem
Question is if the Abrute can help us GitHub - danielpclark/abrute: Multi-threaded AES Brute Force File Decryption

this looks even better Is there a way to extract a password hash from AESCrypt archive?

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What is the keyboard config problem, and what does it have to do with password recovery?
Before trying recovery, are you positive you have no Duplicati-server.sqlite files or backups?
Exporting a backup job configuration would also do the job if there’s one saved somewhere.
Such a file would have duplicati-config in its name. Basically do you have anything left?
Sometimes people also reuse passwords (though they shouldn’t), and it may help guessing.

brute forcing may work if you used a weak password (dictionary word, very short password, etc)

If you used a random password of good length, there’s no hope.

I only got the backup files so unless that sqlite is in there I do not got it. When we typed in the paswd before backup it was not the keyboard language that we thougt it was so some of the charcters we do not know.

If you know the keystroke sequence, why don’t you just try it with each of the possible keyboard languages you used?