Recover database takes (nearly?) forever; any way to check actual progress?

I haven’t been able to back up for several months due to some database error that “repair” wasn’t able to fix, so I started a “recreate” task several days ago. It does appears to be doing something, since the live profiling log shows lots of SQL activity. But the progress bar hasn’t moved for a couple of days–it’s stuck around the 90%-95% point. Is there any way to know how much time is actually left? If I shut down and restart the box, will the recovery task be lost? This is a laptop so at some point I’m going to need to interrupt the operation. This delay seems like a major limitation to effective disaster recovery.

At this time repairs are not interruptible, so if it is stopped it will have to start over again.

As for progress, it sounds like you’re already looking in the right places. You can see that stuff is happening, but predicting completion, and thus updating the progress bar, is difficult.

I suspect the reason is due to database overhead increasing as the database gets larger during the rebuild.

I haven’t tested this yet, but I wonder how recreate times compare to initial backup times…