Reconfigure a Backup Job in the GUI

Hi, if I reconfigure the destination path of a backup job in the GUI, I can’t see the old path.
A second point is, if I reconfigure a backup job, I only can see the job name on the first screen. It would be helpfull to see the job-name on every screen.
V 2 beta

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Welcome to the forum @redbaron721

Storage Providers lists many types, most taking a path. Which Storage type is your Destination?

I’m also not sure I understand what you want. Duplicati does not preserve a history of previous paths.

Feel free to paste screenshots if it helps.


now I found out if I reconfigure a task and I click directly von “2” for the second screen, then the path is shown (duplicati1.png)

But if I reconfigure the task and click on the first step on next, then the backup path is not shown (duplicati2.png)

I hope that helps.

Click “Manually type path” (“Pfad eingeben”) and “Browse” to toggle view between tree-entry and text.