Rebranding Duplicati

Sup guys,

So i would like to use Duplicati at my clients but would like to rebrand Duplicati to another name with other icons etc.

I dont have any coding experience and dont know much about any changes.

Is there perhaps a step by step to rebrand duplicati please?


WOw. If that doesn’t violate the letter of the license it damn sure violates the spirit.

I would not recommend this course of action. If nothing else, karma’s a bitch.

it doesn’t:

You’re even allowed to earn some money with it:


I actually went through the licenses before asking that, If I wasn’t allowed to re brand duplicate I would look at a different option and possibly get someone to build our own program similar to duplicati

Hello maybe this can help you Commercial customization - limited backends?

You can also delete one or more backend library DLLs from the program folder. For example, deleting Duplicati.Library.Backend.Mega.dll will remove the backend from the list.

Note that updating Duplicati will re-install all DLL files, so you have to setup your own update distribution server and point your custom build to that server to prevent addition of unwanted backends.

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Also see Own updates server after reading prior GitHub link to “Branding and OEM customization”. The more ambitious you get, though, the more you may need to get in some skills. Almost any sort of adaptation seems easier than building your own from scratch, then maturing it into fine form (a difficult exercise which Duplicati itself is still working on, and has been for years – maybe someday it will be sound enough to exit beta status).

I’ve been doing exactly that for some time. We’ve created our own backend, rebranding, updates server, etc.

Any improvement we do that would also benefit Duplicati we do it on the original branch so we can also improve Duplicati.

I dont have any coding experience and dont know much about any changes.

This though, I’m not sure how far you can go without coding

So far I’ve managed to rename mostly everything and it now installs as the name I want it, BUT after the install is finished it doesnt seem to work at all, the building in VS works fine and creates the installer without issues, it also installs without any issues, I assume Im missing some sort of script or “launch name” or launch setting that might still be on the old file names?

Any guesses as to where I might have missed a setting or 2?

You need to manually copy the webroot folder into the zip or whatever you build the MSI from. Due to build issues with the VS solution files, the webroot folder is not handled by the build process.

Awesome thanks, I assume I can use Advanced Installer for this then right?

It looks like the webroot folder is included in the msi though as it and all of its files are in the install dir

Then I am not sure what happens.

The installer should just copy files into the install dir.
So if it works when running from the build folder, it should also work after being installed from the MSI.

Just to butt in. I do hope that you are at least going to put in the corner of the UI
“Powered by Duplicati” with the duplicati logo, Not just use a small text footnote hidden away in the about section.

You can do what you like as long as it’s in the licence, but do keep in mind that this is on LGPL for your convenience, and you may want to make sure you make it Known what tech is powering your rebrand, so if you ever do give up on your project and don’t keep up with updates, People using your tool will at least be able to get up and running on the main core and get important updates.

You should also know that you should forgive the hostility on this topic, but the OpenSouce community are quite touchy on this because of scammers that rebrand and sell OpenSoftware without meaningful modification beyond rebranding.

Do it right, Do it with class and if you are selling a modification, explain that the core technology is free, and sell your product on what you have done extra that is worth what you are charging. Also keep in mind that you are getting a lot of groundwork free, so consider having a voluntary kickback, even if it is 5% of ernings, and/or submitting any inproved or bug fixed code back to the dev team.

Again, Do it right, Do it with class. :tophat:

Then again, I’m british. So this may just be my british ideals of fairness, politeness and accountability showing. :wink:


Will keep in mind thanks.

I do understand that, and that is the reason why I am entirely chilled when and if someone “bites” at me :slight_smile:

Currently Im not planning to sell the product, just want to use the product as “mine” if you understand.

Is there anyone who can help me step by step on how to rebrand duplicati?

I can try to help, what is your end goal in rebranding duplicati? Who do you want to distribute to? To which platforms? Will you like to host your own updates? etc, etc.

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Only goal I have is to use the program at my clients, only running windows aswell.

I dont think we will need updates for now

I’m interested in the other platforms (Linux, macOS and Synology) and the updates server aswell, would be helpful if you can explain that part step by step too.