Rebooted Windows Server Now settings are all gone

I had a Restart Pending on my Windows Server 2016, and after I restarted the server my Duplicati comes up and its missing all of my settings. Any chance of getting them back?

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Perhaps the settings are lost due to a Windows Update on your Server? If so, here is a possible solution: Installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update - Now Everything is Missing In Duplicati

Nope…I don’t see a Windows.old folder anywhere.

I found a copy of the DB in another folder and just copied it over. Seems work again. Phew

Maybe you have multiple instances running (eg, a service account instance and a user startup instance), and connected to the “other” instance after rebooting. The first instance that starts will claim port 8200, the second 8300, and so on.

Try connecting to localhost:8200 and then localhost:8300 - do they both show a Duplicati web UI?