Rclone local repository


As I’m not able to find any clear explanation, can someone please tell me what the “local repository” option is for and what it should be set to?

One post eluded to it being for temporary files but there’s no logical reason for this. If that’s true (or forgive my ignorance), when referencing local files, you still do not need to specify a local repository.

rclone copy /path/to/folder remote:path/to/destination/folder

The above works perfectly fine.

The documentation says:

–rclone-local-repository (String)
Local repository for Rclone. Make sure it is configured as a local drive, as it needs access to the files generated by Duplicati.
Default value: local

It doesn’t specify what path the local repository needs to be configured to within rclone.

Also, how will Duplicati know what path the local repository is? Is it reading the rclone configuration? If so, does that mean Duplicati is generating files directly to the local repository path and then uploading or is it generating the files to a temporary folder, copying to the local repository path and then asking rclone to upload it? If it’s the latter then it’s a waste of resources.

Please advise?

It indeed is a parameter that should not have existed, but I did not realize you could just specify the path in rclone.

You need to create a local repo in rclone and specify that repo on duplicati config.

I do not have a build environment anymore so can’t correct it.