Rclone backend docker

I use truenas scale with the duplicati app from truecharts.
Now I read, that duplicati is able to use rclone as backend. Is this right, when yes can I use a rclone.conf from the mainserver and where store this file if this is possible?

nobody can help with this Problem?

I wasn’t able to understand what you were trying to say. That may be true for others too. I also don’t know the backends very well so I personally probably still won’t be able to offer assistance even with a clearer explanation.

thanks for your reply

I have on my server rclone installed. There is the rclone.conf
This config will I use for the duplicati. But I can’t find something in the manual how to use the rclone.conf

You don’t use that directly, but the manual shows how to use Rclone - after setting it up as desired.
The challenge may be that you’re in Docker, right? If so, getting to an rclone to use is more difficult.

Containers come with a minimal amount of extra stuff and like to contain you from reaching outside except, for example, to things from the host that are made available, which you can certainly set up.

Why do you need rclone? While it might be possible to get it in the container, other ways are easier.