Raspberry Pi -Duplicati as service

I set up Duplicati on a fresh image of Raspbian. Updated everything, installed Mono, installed Duplicati. Added the hard drive with fstab, got it mounting on boot, transferred all the files for my OneDrive account over through FTP.

I then had to run (duplicati-server --webservice-port=8200 --webservice-interface=any) to get the web access to Duplicati. I setup the OneDrive account, it connected fine, seemed like everything was working fine. Set it to run at 5am. I started it manually the first time and it did appear to be working.

I then set duplicati-server to run as a service (or so I thought), since it doesn’t allow me to access anything unless I have the terminal window open with the first command running.

I check this morning, and nothing had been done. Is it possible to set up duplicati to run as a service and just do a backup every morning at the same time without me having to login and leave it running on the client computer to keep the backup going on the duplicati machine?