Questions about large backup

I’m currently in the process of performing a backup of approx 1.1TB to Backblaze B2. It has just under 300Gb left to go. I have one problem and one query:

  • I actually have two backups configured in Duplicati for the same set of data. One goes to B2 and one goes to a locally connected HDD. I have been running that backup for a while now. The B2 backup is brand new. The B2 one has been running and I’ve been wanting to stop it in order to manually run the local one but each time I click the pause button, it asks me about resuming options and then asks if I want to stop now or after current file, I choose to resume on request and to stop after current file but it just does not listen. It continues to back up and nothing I choose makes the slightest bit of difference it seems. It’s like a parent telling a child to do something but the child completely ignores them!

Secondly, If i ever want to restore this data, I can get Backblaze to send it all to me on an external drive. Could I use Duplicati to restore files from the version Backblaze send me on a disk or does it have to restore from the remote version? Ie: Can I change the location of the files where it should restore from?

Any info about both of these would be very useful. I am running Duplicati on an Unraid server.