Question about verifying backend data

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First of all i wanted to say that i understand that this kind of question has been posted a million times already. I dont mean to spam the forum, i just can’t figure this out for my own situation.

I had a backup of 2.6TB data run for a couple days. It reached about 1TB or a bit less, and then the remote server stopped responding. Im not sure why yet. The remote server works again, i restarted the backup and now it’s been on “Verifying backend data…” for almost 24 hours. I understand that this can take a while for this much data, but i don’t see any progress. When i go to About -> System Info the lastPgEvent shows the following:


Im specifically worried about ‘“BackendIsBlocking”:true,’. What does this mean? That doesn’t sound good.
Also ‘“OverallProgress”:0,’ stays at 0. Is this normal?

On the backend server i can see a constant stream of about 200 to 600 kb/s upload so something is definitely happening. I just can’t figure out if it’s stuck or not.

Thanks for any help.

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What does About -> Show Log -> Live show? Set the dropdown to Verbose or Profiling and you should see some activity, if something is indeed happening.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, i didn’t even know this page existed and it helped me solve the problem.

For people having the same problem (Very specific):
On that page i noticed it said the backend was giving 504 errors. My backend is a Nextcloud server. I quickly googled Nextcloud 504 errors and ended up at the following page: 504 Gateway timeout for large file uploads - support - Nextcloud community
I added “fastcgi_read_timeout 600;” to my Nextcloud nginx config as suggested and that solved my 504 errors in Duplicati. Apparently it had nothing to do with Duplicati itself.

Thank you drwtsn32.

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